7 Kidney Damaging Habits to Avoid

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Your organ health is important for all the reasons. No matter if it’s your brain and heart, the wellness of your organs plays a key role in determining your overall health. Just like all other organs in your body, your kidney health plays a crucial role in it.

However, many things can take a toll on your kidney health. From problems like kidney stones to kidney infections, all these problems are quite common. I remember one of my uncles got recurrent kidney infections and he went to the best nephrologist in Islamabad after suffering from sudden weight loss. No matter what, your kidney’s health is crucial for all the reasons. 

Kidney Damaging Habits and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to keeping your kidneys healthy, your habits can play a crucial role. Bad habits can affect your health in many different ways. The most obvious ones are eating too much sugar, eating too little protein, not exercising enough, and not drinking enough water. However, there are other bad habits that you should avoid as well. If you want to keep your kidneys healthy, make sure to follow all of these kidney health tips:

1- Exercising to regulate blood pressure

Aside from the obvious weight loss and fitness benefits, workouts can help to keep your kidneys healthy. Other than this, this also helps to control your blood pressure which otherwise can serve as an important risk factor for other health conditions.

You can rely on at-home workouts or can hit the gym to keep your body weight in check. A variety of workout options have remained effective for body weight management. While working out, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and choose workouts carefully especially if you are suffering from an existing health condition.

2- Avoiding hidden sugars

Sugar is an inevitable part of our diet. Dietary sugars and artificial sugar consumption is linked with chronic kidney conditions as proven by several types of research. These artificial sugars can come from a variety of sources. The best way to avoid sugar overload is to start with foods that are free of added sugar.

If you need to buy sugary treats, choose those that contain a small amount of unsweetened fruit, such as fresh berries, apples, or grapes. This is a particularly smart move if you have diabetes or are diabetic. You can even choose your carbs wisely to have better control over your sugar level.

3- Adjust the amount of protein you eat

Protein is essential for the body, as it helps with wound healing, muscle building, immune function, and hormone production. But too much of the protein can impact your kidney health as proven by many scientific pieces of research. Whether you are healthy or have kidney disease, you might need to watch the amount of protein you eat. The type of protein you eat is also important. People who are health conscious would likely eat less animal protein and eat more plant-based sources.

4- Avoiding foods high in phosphorus

Kidney diseases can be avoided by limiting the consumption of phosphorus in your diet. Phosphorus is found in canned foods, processed meats, fast foods, and baked goods. It is also added to foods to preserve moisture and texture.

If you are unsure about how much phosphorus you are consuming, you should speak to your doctor or dietitian. They can help you develop a diet plan and make sure that you stay within your daily limits.

5- Avoiding processed foods

Processed foods are not only bad because they contain higher amounts of phosphorus. There are many other reasons for limiting your consumption of processed foods. These foods contribute to weight gain which serves as an important risk factor for kidney health conditions. Processed foods have a lot of chemicals and preservatives, which is why they can be bad for your health.

6- Don’t hold your pee for so long

Another kidney-damaging habit is controlling your urine for so long. You may have a phobia of using public restrooms but if you don’t empty your bladder on time, this may contribute to urinary tract infections. Your body needs water to flush the toxins in your body but when you don’t drink enough water and don’t let your kidneys function well, then it can cause damage to your kidney.

7- Don’t overuse medications

Among many things that can cause damage to your kidney, overuse of certain medications plays an important role. When you take a high dose of medicine without a proper prescription, this increases your chances of damaging the kidney. This is especially important for people who are already suffering from a kidney condition.

Bottom Line!

All of these habits can help you to protect your kidney health. However, if you still experience some troubling signs, then make sure to get yourself checked.

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