Did You Know About the Therapists that Use Artificial Intelligence?

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These days, often you must have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can do many things that are normally performed by humans. Now you can use this AI to treat your ailments too.

How AI can treat you?

All that you need to do is download the Talkthru app and be a member. Through this app, you can easily get in touch with certain licensed therapists or an AI therapist. You can interact with them through either text messages or video calls whenever you feel that you need them.

You may get many different lists of recommendations such as:

  • Focus on your sleep
  • Try to relax
  • Cut your caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Avoid any negative thoughts
  • Seek the support of your friends and family.

How can you contact a therapist?

It is a straightforward process to contact a therapist that uses AI. Here the combination of technology and professional mental health support is used for treating patients. The following are a few ways you can connect with a certain therapist who also utilizes AI:

1. Research and choose your platform

You may do your own research to find a suitable platform that offers you enough privacy as well as data security. Also, ensure that there are good reviews about that platform.

2. Sign up/create an account

Having chosen your platform, you must now sign-up after providing all the necessary details about you. Make sure that the platform does not misuse your private info.

3. Complete the initial assessment

There will be an initial assessment of your condition, which will be done through a series of questions that will be asked. Based on your answer AI will decide what your unique needs are and what therapy is needed.

4. Match with an AI therapist

Based on your answers, AI algorithms will try to match you with a certain suitable AI therapist. The AI therapist is either a virtual assistant, chatbot, or a certain interactive program designed for simulating human-like conversations.

5. Engage in therapy sessions

During the session, the AI therapist will offer you support, guidance, and evidence-based suggestions based on whatever data it must have gathered and analyzed.

6. Utilize self-help resources

These platforms also often offer a few self-help modules, educational materials, and coping techniques. You may take advantage of all these resources to manage your mental health.

7. Monitor your progress and adjust therapy

The AI system may monitor your progress as per your interactions and feedback and also track from time to time your progress.

8. Seek human support if needed

Although AI therapists can provide you with support, but they have certain limitations. If your situation is not improved then the platform may provide options to connect with certain human therapists or offer a certain hybrid model where both AI and human support are combined.

Remember such AI systems cannot replace a doctor. If you have a significant problem, you should see a doctor. AI therapy is just a convenient and accessible option to obtain general support and self-exploration.

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