Effective Strategies And Relief Methods For Coping With Kidney Stone

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Kidney stone pain is the primary concern that disturbs numerous people globally. This pain is considered one of the central signs of kidney disease. That’s why we should consult with a doctor to manage the disease before it worsens. Further, in this blog, let’s explore the effective strategies and kidney stone pain relief methods. Let’s start!

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are a condition in which salt and hard minerals form in the kidney. The size and shape may vary from a tiny grain of sand to a golf ball. That stone may be composed of substances like calcium, oxalate, struvite, and uric acid. There will be severe pain whenever these substances travel through the urinary tract.  So just visit the best Urology hospital in Coimbatore for kidney stone pain relief.

Kidney stone is described as a solid formation. The kidney performs a crucial role in our body by filtering waste products from the body and eliminating them as urine. When urine contains large amounts of uric acid, oxalate, or other compounds may result in the formation of kidney stones. These substances, while reaching a high concentration, may crystallize and develop solid masses in the kidney.

Further, let’s see some common types of kidney stones that patients can develop:

  • Calcium stones: This is one of the most common and major causes of over 80% of all kidney stones. When calcium stone is coupled with other substances, these stones may form to create a solid mass.
  • Oxalate stones: This stone forms when urine contains a high level of oxalate, notably this compound found in several foods.
  • Uric acid stones: When the urine is too acidic, this stone will be formed, crystallize the uric acid, and form stones.
  • Struvite stones: This is a less common type that occurs when infection is caused in the urinary tract by bacteria. These stones will grow faster and become very large.

What Are The Common Causes Of Kidney Stones?

There may be numerous causes of kidney stones, but the most common causes are bad choices we make in our daily lives, insufficient drinking of water, and a sedentary lifestyle. So visit the kidney stone hospital in Coimbatore for kidney stone pain relief. Let’s see some other causes of kidney stones:

– Dehydration

The main reason for kidney stone formation is dehydration. When the body lacks enough fluids, the urine will be highly concentrated, raising the risk of stone formation. And the kidney stone pain relief will become more complicated.

Even some dietary factors will trigger the formation of kidney stones. Binge-eating a diet rich in sodium, animal protein, and oxalate foods can contribute to stone formation. Further, people with a kidney stone history are more prone to experience recurrent stone formation. So be conscious about kidney stone pain relief.

– Hyperparathyroidism and Genes

This is a condition caused by hyperactive parathyroid glands, which may result in increased calcium levels in the urine and form calcium stones. As we said before, urinary tract infections also result in the formation of stones, notably in the case of struvite stones. So concentrate on kidney stone pain relief methods.

Genetic factors play a pivotal role in the formation of kidney stones. Few people may have an inherited tendency to develop stones due to certain genetic disorders that disturb the way the body reacts and excretes substances. These genetic factors will trigger the concentration of stone-forming substances in the urine and complicate the process of kidney stone pain relief.

What Are The Effective Strategies And Relief Methods To Cope With Kidney Stones?

Further, let’s see some effective strategies and kidney stone pain relief methods.

– Hydration

Drinking sufficient water will assist tiny stones to pass effortlessly and also help dilute your urine. This reduces the risk of developing stones and also helps with kidney stone pain relief. Even healthcare professionals will recommend you drink more water if you already facing kidney-related issues. Further, citrus fruits like lemons and oranges contain citrate, which is thought to obstruct calcium crystals from forming. Whole fruit or juices made from these fruits can be an ideal way to staying hydrated while maintaining healthy kidneys. Notably, these fruits contain citrate they are against uric acid stones.

– Pain Management

Any kind of pain that is connected with the kidney is debilitating. However, some medications can offer relief from the discomfort that you going through. In advanced cases, doctors will prescribe stronger pain relievers for kidney stone pain relief. At times, applying heat to the affected area or taking a hot shower can assist in relaxing the muscles and reducing the pain.

– Dietary Changes

Even some foods naturally can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. So, limiting the consumption of foods high in oxalates, like nuts, spinach, and chocolates, as well as reducing sodium and animal protein consumption, can assist in kidney stone pain relief. Binge-consuming foods rich in citric acid, like oranges and lemons, may also be beneficial in preventing stone formation, simply said they are a kidney friendly diet.

– Medical Treatment

In some cases, medical treatment is required for kidney stone pain relief. One of the common procedures used to break kidney stones into smaller pieces is known as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), to make them pass easily. There are also more treatments to break larger stones and other complications.

– Lifestyle Changes

Making certain lifestyle changes will also potentially help with kidney stone pain relief and also help to get a healthy kidney. Maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, and avoiding binge consumption of alcohol and beverages can all contribute to overall kidney health. Most importantly, one should quit smoking, as smoking can affect kidney function, which may not help with kidney stone pain relief and raise the risk of stone formation.

Further, when diagnosed with kidney stones, it’s crucial to do frequent screening with your doctor for accurate evaluation and kidney stone pain relief. Based on your health condition, they may also prescribe medications to help prevent future stone formation.

Final Takeaway:

Managing kidney stone pain relief may be a challenging experience, but with the appropriate strategies and kidney stone pain relief methods, it is possible to cope with the discomfort and prevent further occurrences. By staying hydrated, balancing pain, making dietary changes, taking medical treatment when required, switching to a healthy lifestyle, and frequent screening with their doctor, people can take care of their kidney health and alleviate the risk of recurrent kidney stones. At the same time, never fail to visit your doctor for personalized guidance and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

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