Oral Health: The Importance of Floss

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Oral health care begins shortly after the birth of the first tooth and should be daily. Choosing a good toothpaste, brush and floss are essential for proper oral hygiene and also to avoid problems such as cavities, bad breath and other possible pathologies.

One of the items that ends up being forgotten but is of great importance in daily care is dental floss. He is able to remove the rest of the food that stays between his teeth, where usually only the brush is unable to reach. In addition, he is also able to remove the bacterial plate.

The correct use of floss also helps in the prevention of gingivitis, periodontal disease, infections and bad breath itself. You can easily find it in pharmacies and markets, including its material and even flavor variations. It is also important to remember that people who use orthodontic braces should include flossing in their routine, along with the floss.

If you are among the people who are resistant or have some kind of difficulty flossing as recommended, the electrical water flosser may be an alternative for you.

More and more people have adhered to this device because of the practicality, comfort and agility in removing food leftovers from the mouth and, consequently, in the elimination of bacterial plaque.

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