Reasons To Choose Fun Glass Pieces For An Enhanced Smoking Experience

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According to health researchers, there are many positive effects of smoking weed. And among these benefits are fighting anxieties, nausea, and chronic pains. Most importantly, smoking accessories like bongs filter harmful toxins through water pipes, making them safer for consumption.

You can find the best smoking accessories at an online head shop. These accessories include pipes, bongs, and dab rigs that are a must-try for many.

Smoking With A Funny Twist

If you ever explore an online head shop, you will see that there are many fun smoking accessories made to enhance every smoking experience. Among the most trendy ones, colorful glass pieces such as pipes, bongs, and dab rigs are winning the show.

From human skulls to cars, dogs, bears, and flower-shaped, these glass pieces are no less than art and undoubtedly add a fun element. You can add these colorful and creative smoking accessories that are not as fragile as they seem.

What Choices Do You Have?

Undoubtedly, head shops online have a plethora of smoking accessories to choose from; among these, the most popular choices that are always in high demand include:


Bongs are one of the most-preferred accessories to smoke. According to research, weed smokers worldwide have declared bongs the best and the most luxurious. Talking about the origin of bongs, they share a rich history and have been influenced by countries like China, Persia, India, and Central Asia. The first water pipe may have been invented during the 16th century in China, during the glorious reign of the ‘Ming Dynasty.

The best reason for choosing bongs is that they include a water pipe that provides an extra filtration level so that all the harmful toxins get removed from the smoke.

Glass bongs are beautiful and unique, adding value to your taste. When not in use, these beautiful glass pieces can be used as a decor item to be displayed on a tabletop, a corner rack, or a transparent showcase.

Dab Rigs

Usually considered a modified version of bongs, dab rigs are smaller than bongs and ideal for a complete smoking experience. Not just bongs, dab rigs are available in the most innovative designs that can instantly lift your mood. These unimaginably unique dab rig designs include cacti, beehives, pandas, noodle bowls, rockets, pineapples, giraffes, and so much more. And what’s fascinating is that they are all made of the best quality glass.


Blubbers resemble a smoking pipe, the most common accessory and the most commonly available. However, top brands get unimaginably creative with the mini blubber pipes. Using high-quality glass and a creative mind, they can transform them into blubbers shaped like doughnuts, barrels, hammers, or even twisted mushrooms.

Final Words

No matter the shapes, sizes, and colors, smoking accessories made with high-quality glass are a worthy investment. The best part, since these bongs, dab rigs, or blubbers are made with glass, they are a much more affordable choice.

Whether you want to add more fun elements to the leisurely smoking times with friends or to stand out in the group because of your authentic choice, glass smoking pieces are incomparable.

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