Mens Lifestyle Habits To Prevent ED

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As we all know, ED is a durable and preventable disease; therefore, men can easily avoid having this disease by taking some precautionary measures. These precautions include some lifestyle habits that should be avoided by every man to free himself from any disease.

Today I will tell you about the prevention and remedies from which you can improve and get rid of erectile dysfunction. So read till the end of this content and get all the necessary information about ED.

Moreover, I have also mentioned some important medicines for this disorder so let’s check them out too!

The Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

There are some daily habits and causes that you should avoid if you are used to them. These habits can eventually grow erectile dysfunction; let’s check out those unhealthy habits:

Consuming Junk Food

Eating too much junk food that contains a lot of oil can make fatty layers inside your arteries which gradually block the blood from passing through them.

Similarly, ED is also caused by the blockage of arteries leading to the penis. Hence consuming junk food is one of the most common reasons for Erectile Dysfunction.


Smoking is a very bad habit, even for women. Moreover, it can cause many dangerous diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, etc. Similarly, erectile dysfunction is also caused by smoking.

Smoking causes the swelling or shrinking of arteries which slowdowns the blood flow in the penis. This causes weakness and then erectile dysfunction.

Physical Inactiveness

Too much laziness and physical inactivity can lead to weakness in the body; similarly, it can cause ED. Moreover, in research on ED, we found that lazy and inactive men cause 60% of ED.

Usually, those whose work hours are less or those who don’t do any exercise. Hence, anyone who does not exercise daily and is lazy should get rid of his laziness and be physically active.

Taking Drugs

Those who are taking heavy drugs for whatever reasons can face this disorder. So drugs can also affect our body differently besides treating for what is meant for. Hence if you are also taking some drugs, then change this habit as it can cause not only ED but other dangerous diseases too.

High Cholesterol

A high cholesterol rate in the body can develop ED as cholesterol blocks the arteries, stopping blood flow in the organ. Similarly, it causes this disorder, so everyone should overcome high cholesterol levels and reduce weight.

Furthermore, high cholesterol is never good for the body as it also causes severe heart diseases; therefore, a person having this should always eat a balanced diet.

Depression & Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationship and depression is also a cause of ED, as mental health is equally important as physical health, so it is important to resolve all the problems with your partner.

Unwell mental health can weaken the desire for any relationship, so it can cause ED. Therefore, the person should be mentally healthy and happy.

Men’s Lifestyle Habits to Prevent ED

  • Quit smoking to get rid of this disease.
  • Start eating a healthy diet to treat any weakness in the body. Green veggies would be best for this.
  • Any drinking and drugging should be avoided to Prevent ED.
  • Do daily exercises to be physically active.
  • Try to reduce weight and cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Overcome your relationship problems, including anxiety and depression.

Medicine for Preventing ED

Cenforce 200 mg

Numerous types of medicines are used to treat erectile dysfunction, which includes permanent and temporary treatments. Moreover, here I have mentioned a common type of ED medicine that can help you, which you can use according to a doctor’s prescription.


The Uses:

Cenforce 100 mg is an oral medication commonly used and prescribed by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is a compound from which this medicine is made. It is also categorized as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. It helps in calming muscles and increasing blood flow to the entire body.

Cenforce 200 mg increases the blood flow to the penis, which causes continuous erection for some time; this is not a permanent treatment, so it can be used temporarily. You can consume it after a meal before half an hour of sexual intercourse.

Consuming more than one medicine can be dangerous. Similarly, eating healthy green food before using it as oily junk food can slow the process. Take the dose as prescribed by the doctor. You can easily find this medicine on 24×7

The Side Effects:

Side effects of these medicines can include headaches, body pains, and dizziness. Sometimes if your blood is already very thin or you are taking other blood-thinning drugs, it can cause severe bleeding.

You may also feel digestion issues or stomach aches and nausea. In severe side effects, it can also cause blurred vision, which goes back to normal gradually.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed by Lifestyle Changes?

After a lot of research on this disorder, it is concluded that some healthy lifestyle changes can reverse erectile dysfunction gradually. As mentioned above, this healthy lifestyle includes exercise and a healthy diet.

Similarly, good mental health is responsible for 50% of your diseases, including ED. Therefore, to reverse ED, you should stay happy with a positive lifestyle and habits.

Besides using heavy medicines, which can also give you side effects, every man should prefer living healthily and avoid smoking and drinking. This natural remedy is also free and time-saving and can also cure other disorders in your body.

Bottom Line

If you are also tired of consuming a lot of medicine to treat ED and cannot get positive results, then you should try other things. Such as, you should work on improving your lifestyle.

Maintain a healthy eating and sleeping routine, and fix your mental problems to get rid of most of your diseases, including this one, as natural changes can cure erectile dysfunction easily.

Hope you like this information. If yes, share this with others so they can also be aware of this disease.

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